3 Oaks Gaming Joins Reevo’s Aggregation Platform

The supplier has been fast-developing, signing individual partnerships and releasing a number of fresh and innovative gaming content over the past months. Now, 3 Oaks Gaming has the opportunity to give itself a proper boost with Reevo’s advanced aggregation platform.

3 Oaks Gaming Doesn’t Let Up from the Gas Pedal

3 Oaks Gaming has a number of excellent titles that will now be integrated with Reevo, as 3 Oaks will make More Magic Apple, Egypt Fire, and Yo-Ho Gold among the available titles that network partners can access and enjoy as they see fit. 3 Oaks Gaming managing director Sebastian Damian welcomed the news:

REEVO’s dynamic platform allows operators to unlock this new content, accessing a phenomenal selection of our very best titles, from when we first started right up to our latest releases. This deal will reflect favorably on our reputation as a world-class distributor of slots.

3 Oaks Gaming managing director Sebastian Damian

Reevo is one of the fastest-growing companies as well. The brand is a developer of its own proprietary games, but it has gathered significant momentum with the launch of its aggregation platform. 3 Oaks Gaming is a like-minded start-up in the iGaming industry, has also been expanding rapidly across various markets and with noteworthy operators.

The partnership with Reevo will give the company a further opportunity to grow and consolidate its presence, as well as access new brands and their audiences. Reevo has so far created a potent library featuring more than 8,000 games spanning e ufa800 very realm of the iGaming experience.

Reevo Welcomes a New Distinguished Supplier Partner

Players may find a number of fantastic titles by third-party games, including 3 Oaks Gaming’s and Reevo’s own. In 2023 alone, Reevo will be adding an estimated 60 new suppliers according to the company. Reevo head of sales Petra Maria Poola was similarly pleased with the milestone and welcomed 3 Oaks Gaming’s addition to the aggregation platform.

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Poola called the games by the supplier captivating and a much worthwhile addition to the company’s portfolio. “This partnership is a testament to our continuous efforts in expanding our offerings and delivering world-class content to the iGaming community,” Poola said.

3 Oaks Gaming has been keeping its feet on the gas pedal having released a string of notable games, including More Magic Apple: Hold and Win and Dragon Wealth: Hold and Win. Reevo for its part has also been adding a string of suppliers, and even securing some aggregation deals of its own.