Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 Update to Be Released in August

The Clan Wars 2 update is coming to Clash Royal in August. Developers revealed interesting details regarding the new game features and more information regarding the exciting update.

Clash Royale Receives a New Update – Clan Wars 2

Supercell’s Clash Royal will receive a new update – Clan Wars 2. Supercell announced that the update is due to be released in August, but no exact date was set. This is actually an update and not the Clash Royale Season 13 which is set to be released tomorrow – July 6. Although there are not a lot of details surrounding the new update, developers did shed some light on what the players can expect from the Clan Wars 2 update.

Clan Wars 2 is coming to Clash Royale!


— Clash Royale (@ClashRoyale) July 3, 2020

The Clan Wars 2 update will provide new and genuine experience for mobile esports fans. This time, the clans will sail down a river with their Clan Boats. While sailing, clan members will collect rewards for their clan and themselves. But what is a Clan Boat? According to Clash Royale community manager Drew the Clan Boat is: “…a giant floating clan chest.“


— Clash Royale (@ClashRoyale) July 5, 2020

Clan Wars 2 welcomes all players, regardless of their level. New players, Level 9 players or top Level 13 players will be able to join. All players who participate will earn rewards and progress. On top of that, according to the developers, this will be the best way to progress.

Clan Wars 2: Duels and Boat Battles 

What is known about the Clan Wars 2 update is that it will featur ph646 e a new game mode – the Duels. Clan members will play duels against other players in a best out of 3 matches (BO3). The winners will be earning cards and/or rewards. Duel members will be able to contribute equally, regardless of their level. In order to play the duels, players will have to create 4 card decks to play. Each card deck will have to be non-identical. According to the developer, the Duels will be the “most epic battles in all of Clash Royale.“

Boat Battles: each of the clans will be setting defenses on their own Clan Boats. Each clan will also have to attack other clans’ boats. The cards and/or rewards which players earn from the Duels will contribute towards the setting up of the Clan Boats’ defense or attack abilities. In other words, how powerful the Clan Boat is will depend on how well the clan members passed their Duel phase. The Clan Boat’s objective is to win enough points in order to get the Clan Boat pass the finish line. The clan war winner is determined based on the points from each Clan Boat battle round.

Player Versus Environment and Leagues in Clan Wars 2

The new update for Clash Royale features player versus environment (PvE) battles. This function will be used towards the Boat Battles. This is actually a great advantage as players will be able to battle against other boats whenever they like (async) which means that the game will not require other players to be online at the same time (sync). In other words, clans will be able to compete head on against other clans within the same group.

Further to the announcement, Supercell gave a hint on what is at the end of the river. At the end of the river, players face the Clan War Leagues. The Clan War League will feature battles against the top clans in the world for “glory and so much more.“ The developers did not that this is currently work in progress so additional details regarding the Clan Wars 2 update is expected soon.

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