Hearthstone New Cards Revealed: Enter Boom Bots, March 27

The Rise of Shadows Hearthstone expansion continues to release new cards. The latest arrivals are Legendary minions that come with quite a few neat abilities. Judging by their stats, they will certainly come handy once the new meta and the expansion hit.

New Hearthstone Cards: Blastmaster Boom

Who’s ready to have a blast? Blastmaster Boom comes as a worthy successor of Dr. Boom and ready to contribute to the Warrior deck in the latest Hearthstone expansion, Rise of Shadows Just like Dr. Boom before him, Blastmaster Boom will be able to call forth the Boom Bots.



Blastmaster Boom will summon Boom Bots based on how many Bombs your opponent’s deck has. Some preparations will be necessary here as you will have to use cards such as Seaforium Bomber to shuffle cards into your opponent’s deck.

You can further use the Wrenchcalibur weapon card which will insert a Bomb into the deck every time you inflict a hit, or failing that, you can simply rely on good old Clockwork Goblin who will be a valuable ally on the field of battle, especially if you are looking to burden your enemy with a few bombs neatly tucked away in their deck.

Enter the Boom Bots. Photo credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

With this in mind, Blastmaster Boom shouldn’t have too much trouble summoning a handful of Boom Bots to wreak havoc alongside him. Question is – can you rea lodi291 lly go wild with this card and amass your army of bots?

Don’t forget that any attempt to have your Boom Bots removed or destroyed will automatically inflict between 1-4 damage to your opponent for each Bot you have on the playfield.

Now, that is a blast.

Heistbaron Togwaggle

So far as new cards for Hearthstone go, Rise of Shadows will offer us distinct opportunities. Heistbaron Togwaggle is waltzing in to bolster the Rogue’s Legendary roster.

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Togwaggle allows you to obtain a fantastic treasure if a Lackey is on the board, and as to the treasure itself – it’s the cards you usually get from Marin the Fox who summons a chest that needs to be gunned down for the spoils.

Heistbaron Togwaggle

Heistbaron Togwaggle

Now, the only drawback with Marin was that he cost quite a bit to set up and a fair bit of effort to obtain the loot thereafter. It was a hassle and not one worth the bother when playing at the higher levels of the game.

Unlike him, though, Togwaggle will be able to obtain the tempting treat very early and as soon as a Lackey has been summoned. That makes Togwaggle a prime favorite for claiming priceless loot and turning the tide of the fight.

The League of E.V.I.L. will never be defeated! Take a look at what treasures Heistbaron Togwaggle has unearthed ? #RiseOfShadows

Full Card Gallery: https://t.co/ti2cm24jrM pic.twitter.com/si0sniy1lH

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Rogues are a purely offensive class and they will need to pull off the play that involves a Lackey and Togwaggle rather quickly, which can be difficult against an expecting opponent.

Keeper Stallandris

Enter Keeper Stallandris, Rise of Shadows’ newest Druid Legendary card. Hearthstone has created a beautiful concept art for each deck, but if one truly stands out, that’s the druids. Stallandris allows you to add copies to your hand of the two choices that a Choose One spell card produces.

Keeper Stalladris

Keeper Stalladris

Played at a very low mana cost, you can combine Stallandris with any Choose spell, and especially Wrath which will allow you to draw a card and damage an opponent. This is a great way to keep the pressure on and playing with cards at no cost.
Alternatively, you can hold back from using the effects and save them up for when they are needed the most.