Jason Somerville Leaves Team PokerStars

Jason Somerville took to Twitter to announce his departure from Team PokerStars after five years with the brand.

Somerville Parts Ways with PokerStars

Jason Somerville is the latest pro to depart from Team PokerStars. He is starting 2020 independently, having made his announcement on social media on New Years Day.

Like all of the poker players who have left Team PokerStars in recent years, he did not feel negatively towards the brand. He is leaving the company on good terms, and he thanked PokerStars for the opportunity to work with them.

“I admire many of the hard-working people at the company and I have a lot of love for the many talented ambassadors that are out there creating content on Twitch, YouTube, social media, who are acting as live poker ambassadors building the game that we love. You guys are an inspiration to me”.

– Jason Somerville said in his video on Twitter.

While his relationship with PokerStars provided him withmany advantages in the poker world, Somerville also mentioned that there weresome drawbacks. He was mostly concerned with the fact that the content he lodivip created was limited to exclusivity with PokerStars, and it seems that he wantedto branch out more.

What’s Next For Sommerville?

He is one of several poker players to part ways with the brand over the course of the past year. Daniel Negreanu left Team PokerStars in April 2018, while Liv Boeree and Igor Kurganov left in November. All of the players stated that there was no bad blood between them and the company, and simply wanted to undertake different pursuits.

Daniel Negreanu eventually moved on to join GGPoker, a brand that is well-known for its relationship with Twitch poker players. Since Jason Somerville is known to be one of the most popular poker streamers in the market, some members of the poker community are suspecting that he may head to GGPoker as well.

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Still, there’s no telling what Sommerville has planned. He was quite vague in his video message, but did hint at the possibility of pursuing a career in the sportsbetting market. What that means specifically is anybody’s guess, though.

He could also be planning to spend more time working on Run It Up, a content and entertainment brand that he created. The streaming platform features live events, has its own roster of poker streamers and even teamed up with the NFL to host Thursday Night Football games.

Whatever he decides to do in the future, we wish him all the luck. Somerville is obviously a very talented poker player and smart business person, so his next pursuit is sure to be a successful one.