Mohegan Celebrates a Decade of Rewards with Its Momentum Loyalty Program

Prominent tribal gaming operator Mohegan proudly celebrates the 10th anniversary of its highly acclaimed loyalty p lodi646 rogram, Momentum. This milestone underscores Mohegan’s unwavering dedication to enhancing the gaming experience for its loyal patrons. The Momentum program has steadily evolved to offer many exclusive benefits and will continue to grow as the operator expands its global footprint.

Momentum Has Steadily Grown in Scope and Ambition

Mohegan’s Momentum loyalty program is more than just a rewards system. It is a token of appreciation from Mohegan to its players. One of its standout features is that it is free, with no membership fees or hidden costs. Players can easily enroll and become part of this exclusive community, unlocking significant perks and privileges.

Over the years, Mohegan has continuously enhanced the Momentum loyalty program. It extends beyond the gaming floor and includes perks like reserved parking privileges. Mohegan corporate marketing VP Erica Tessier Hunt noted that the program demonstrated the operator’s unwavering bond with its guests and would continue to improve.

We are proud of what we have offered the past ten years… and look forward to future enhancements to Momentum that will… offer unparalleled experiences.

Erica Tessier Hunt, Mohegan corporate marketing VP

At the heart of Momentum lies the concept of Momentum Dollars, an exclusive currency players can accumulate as they engage with Mohegan’s offerings. Patrons can redeem these Momentum Dollars for wide-reaching rewards, ranging from tangible goods to services and luxury experiences. Such a dynamic system encourages players to keep returning, knowing their loyalty is truly valued.

Mohegan Remains Dedicated to Delivering Outstanding Service

The operator will celebrate Momentum’s anniversary with several new member-only events. These gatherings offer a unique opportunity for players to connect, share experiences, and enjoy special perks. Such initiatives are crucial for player retention and align with Mohegan’s proactive, customer-focused mindset. The operator’s 2023 Hot Summer Fun Celebrations proved a smashing hit, cementing its leadership position.

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Momentum will soon reach far overseas as Mohegan prepares to launch its newest $5 billion resort in Incheon, South Korea. This remarkable project should launch before 2024 and feature world-class amenities, promising a fusion of luxury, entertainment, and convenience. The venue’s newly announced leadership team promised to provide the same high-quality service and perks synonymous with the Mohegan brand.

By offering exclusive benefits, hosting member-only events, and recognizing player loyalty, Mohegan ensures that its customers have more than just a gaming experience. They have a lasting connection with a brand that values and appreciates them. As the journey continues, Mohegan remains dedicated to making Momentum even more rewarding for the years to come.