PENTA Joins Sports Club to Field League of Legends Team

PENTA Sports has partnered up with TSV München von 1860 e.V. to introduce a new League of Legends (LoL), the companies confirmed. The esports assets will be moved to a new joint-venture by the name of PENTA 1860, with the team heading into the ESL Meisterschaft.

PENTA Sports enters partnership with TSV München von 1860 for new joint-ventureA newly-minted League of Legends team will compete in ESL MeisterschaftTSV München von 1860 wants to spread awareness for esportsPENTA Sports Joins TSV München von 1860 e.V in LoL Venture

PENTA Sports is joining sports club TSV München von 1860 to field a new League of Legends (Lol) team in a bid to pursue titles at home and abroad.

The newly-baptised entity will be an amalgamation of the names of the companies, with the PENTA 1860 joining the competitive fray in ESL Meisterschaft.

PENTA Sports Managing Director, Andreas Schaetzke, shared his enthusiasm about the new opportunity:

We’re delighted to announce the new partnership with TSV München von 1860 e.V. We’re proud to welcome an organization with so much experience in our ranks and we remain excited about the future and our entry into League of Legends.

Mr. Schaetzke explained the reasons why the club pursued a genuine esports title as opposed to a simulation:

We deliberately chose to go with a big esports title instead of a sports simulator. Our ambition with the team is to dominate the German esports scene and we’re looking forward to that with our partners from TSV München von 1860.

This is the first time TSV München von 1860 e.V has driven a foray into the world of competitive video gaming, picking one of the most challenging and grossing titles with League of Legends.

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TSV München von 1860 e.V Sascha Königsberg shared the enthusiasm of Mr. Schaetzke, sharing her own opinion of the newly-signed partnership:

Electronic sport is expanding rapidly and as an organization we cannot miss out on this promising segment. Our partners from PE 291bet NTA Sports are reliable, thus allowing us to build a future for this promising industry with TSV München von 1860 e.V.

Ms. Königsberg expressed a desire for the club to participate beyond mainstream competitions, helping local talent grow and expand into grassroots esports.

In addition to our professional League of Legends team, we also want to focus on grassroots sports integrate esports outside of the professional sector. We’re open to various forms of sports and would like to include all fans. At TSV München from 1860 e.V., we’re looking to a future of many successes with PENTA 1860, Ms. Königsberg concluded.

TSV München von 1860 is hardly the first sports club in Germany to embrace esports. R+V Versicherung recently supported the efforts of another team, Schalke 04, which is also participating in LEC and fields competitors in FIFA.

Esports and mainstream competitions are increasingly overlapping and finding areas where the industries can come together and work together.

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