PlayOJO’s Live Roulette Show Airs via Channel 5 in the UK

The leading online casino, PlayOJO, announced the launch of a new exclusive Live Roulette table show live on TV in the UK. lodivip PlayOJO revealed that its live casino show debuted on Channel 5 earlier this month, delivering viewers a unique chance to participate in live-action via its Live Roulette table. Winners participating in the new live casino show will be able to see their names on TV, reveals the leading online casino.

The show is hosted by famous TV personalities, including David Butler, the famous TV presenter for Paris St Germain FC, as well as the star of the West End musical Bat out of Hell, Kellie Gnauk. The new thrilling live casino show is aired every night between 1 AM and 3 AM, PlayOJO reveals.

To introduce the new live-stream casino show, the company collaborated with All Response Media, the famous London-based media agency. Additionally, Channel 5 teamed up with FruitSalad, the famous French TV production company, to help deliver the new show. Judging by PlayOJO, the live roulette table for the new show is delivered by Pragmatic Live.

The Show Complements the Brand’s Growth

Andrew Steddy, PlayOJO’s head of global product marketing, revealed that one of the prime objectives for the company this year is to grow within the online gambling sector by becoming the go-to provider for clients looking for live casino experiences. He added that based on initial indications, its casino games and live show are well-received by a wide range of players. Finally, Steddy explained: “It’s another great project from the PlayOJO team, and I’d like to thank FruitSalad and Pragmatic Play for creating the show and the Live game, and All Response Media and Channel 5 for their work putting the opportunity and deal together.”

“A core objective this year was to raise the profile of Live Gameshow and Casino games on PlayOJO and be first choice for players looking for an online live casino experience.“

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Andrew Steddy, head of global product marketing at PlayOJO

The launch of the new live casino TV show comes on the heels of a new marketing campaign launched by PlayOJO for the market in the UK. Back in July, the company rolled out its new marketing campaign via TV and online called “It’s Alive!” A new TV spot released by PlayOJO as a part of the campaign seeks to raise awareness of its live casino and gameshow products offered.