Scott Ball Wins WSOP’s Event #68, Collects Second Bracelet

Playing at the WSOP, Scott Ball from Carlsbad, California won his first bracelet back in October. Now, the poker pro collected a second bracelet as well as a hefty $390K prize.

Scott Ball Wins the $1,111 Little One for One Drop Event

Last Sunday, Ball won the WSOP Event #68 $1,111 Little One for One Drop. Besides the $369,445 prize that he collected, he also added a second WSOP bracelet to his collection. The first time when Ball participated in a WSOP tournament was back in 2017. Since then, he has had 26 cashes from tournaments. Those entries translate to 15 WSOP cashes and 11 circuit cashes. Counting his most recent win, he has so far accumulated some $1,150,555 from WSOP tournaments.

Undoubtedly, since 2017, Ball has been progressing and this year proved to be the most successful for him so far. In fact, back in October, he won Event #25: 6-Handed No-Limit Hold’em. By taking first place, he collected his first WSOP bracelet. Moreover, the poker pro took home a hefty $562,667 prize.

Scott Ball grabs his second bracelet of the series coupled with a top prize of $396,445 after taking down the $1,111 Little One For One Drop.
?: @timeweavers

— WSOP (@WSOP) November 14, 2021

Ball Proved to Be the Best Out of 3,700 Entries

Event #68 has seen a total of 3,797 entries that accumulated a prize pool of $3.8 million. All top 570 participants received a prize, but only the top 5 players received a six-p prize. Considering that this was a multi-day event, only 26 players made it to the last day. After that, it took nearly four hours to reduce the number of outstanding players to 10.

Jose Latorre was the player that hit the rail first, taking 10th place. He collected a $33,939 prize. Frank Marasco was the player that took 9th place and went home with $42,389. Seth Fischer, who happens to already have a bracelet, was the player that was eliminated next. He collected a $53,434 prize for eighth place, followed by Petro Zakusilov. Zakusilov ranked seventh and went home with $67,592. Minutes later, Ronnie Ballantyne hit the rail and collected an $86,249 prize for sixth place.

PositionNamePrize1Scott Ball$396,4452Michael Shanahan$245,0683Sorel Mizzi$186,8244Sebastian Medina$143,3995David Jackson$110,827

Looking at the top five players, David Jackson was the player that went home with $110,827 for taking fifth place. Sebastian Medina finished in fourth place, taking home a $143,399 prize, followed by Sorel Mizzi. Mizzi was eliminated and finished third. That granted him a $187,824 prize.

The heads-up battle was between Ball and Michael Shanahan. Alth mnl168 ough Shanahan did his best, Ball got the chip lead and at some point, he was leading with 3-1 in chips. In the end, Ball won with pocket queens, leaving 2nd place for Shanahan. By finishing second, Shanahan got home with a $245,068 prize.

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