SWAT Uses Closed Majestic Star Casino Hotel for Training Ground

The Majestic Star Casino Hotel was owned by Hard Rock International before it was shut down a few years ago. Then, the location was sold to a company that is focused on developing and enhancing property for trucks, trailers, buses and other large vehicles called Transport Properties.

The company was planning to demolish the Majestic Star but delayed it. The founding partner of the company, Tim McCahill, in collaboration with Sen. Mike Braun, as well as city officials in Gary helped organize a unique training at Majestic Star for law enforcement and first responders, a report released by The Chicago Tribune reveals.

The eye-catching training started Wednesday with Northwest Regional SWAT and Gary SWAT team members seen in full riot gear including shields. Blasting the front door marked the start of the event with SWAT members then charging the building.

This marks only the first such event out of many more planned for the next two months. Over the period of 45 days, there will be 20 different live trainings taking place at the Majestic Star with members of 12 different law enforcement agencies participating.

First Responders to Benefit from Invaluable Live Training at Majestic Star

Mayor Jerome Prince acknowledged that the collaboration that led to this event marks an important moment for law enforcement and reaffirmed that his administration remains committed to ensuring the safety of the public. He outlined that the collaboration confirms that law enforcement agencies can effectively collaborate which can ultimately bring benefits to the region.

“Before this building is demolished we see a great opportunity to use it to help strengthen the response of first responders as well as military officers.“

Mayor Jerome Prince

Prince also commended the collaboration with the Senator and Rob Ferrino, the developer that engaged with McCahill to help create this unique opportunity for law enforcement. Finally, he acknowledged that the building represents a unique opp ph646 ortunity for first responders to train before it is demolished.

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“You can’t beat this. There is nothing like it, like the real-world experience.“

Sgt. Marlin Gray, Gary Police Department

Gary Police Department’s team leader Sgt. Marlin Gray, added that there is nothing better than a real-world experience. He explained that it is really important for law enforcement to practice breaching doors, which are quite sturdy in hotel locations. Still, Gray acknowledged that those doors aren’t impenetrable and that law enforcement just needs to practice breaching them.