xQc Signs $100M Deal with Twitch Rival Kick

As a result, he is moving to greener pastures with Kick offering a better split and overall presence in the streaming space. xQc is joining to promote the type of content which he likes best, which includes online gambling, and admittedly get a better rate. 

His decision to join Kick is also incentivized by a $100 million price tag on the deal, which will last for two years. He has become the latest topflight streamer to disembark from Twitch, accusing the platform of ham-fisted policies and double standards.

Kick Beckons to Twitch’s Top-Performing Streamers 

As such, xQc is joining fellow content creators Amouranth and Trainwrecks who too made the switch to Kick recently. Kick is a brand new entry into the streaming space and one that is making very fast gains. The platform is a collaboration between Easygo Gaming and Stake.com, two online gambling companies, along with other partners.

Presently, Kick offers a massive 95% share split with content creators, which puts it well ahead of Twitch’s models. Some critics have said that Kick is focused on short-term customer acquisition but fails to properly communicate how it’s going to be profitable in the future or if it’s profitable even now.

Kick is openly burning through money to acquire some of the biggest streaming talents, but also maintaining a very strong focus on online gambling. xQc is not the best example of a gambling streamer, as he originally played League of Legends and Overwatch, before making the switch to online gambling.

A Firebrand Personality from the Very Get-Go

xQc briefly played at Dallas Fuel, an Overwatch League franchise, but was released over a series of offensive comments. He then embarked on exploring other forms of content, which is how gambling came into his sights. In a single year, he managed to lose $1.8 million, something he admitted himself.

However, the streamer remained fond of gambling and was unapologetic about confronted how he ended up promoting gambling content to all sorts of viewers who come to Twitch to escape gambling ads. 

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Ultimately, xQc said that it was his strea ufa365 m and down to him to enjoy his favorite type of content. He called out Twitch on its ill-defined ban on gambling content while still letting some stars get away with promoting gambling. On June 16, xQc wrote that “the time has come” and revealed that he was joining Kick.