Guild Esports Unveils Guild Studios Creative Agency

The leading esports organization and globally recognized lifestyle brand, Guild lol646 Esports, confirmed Monday the launch of its new production and creative division called Guild Studios. The company confirmed that the new creative agency will deliver campaign-led solutions for media owners, as well as brands that want to engage with gaming and esports audiences from the Gen-Alpha and Gen-Z demographics.

This unique launch is expected to deliver benefits for Guild Esports, considering that it taps into a new revenue stream with significant potential. Guild Studios delivers end-to-end creative services, as well as products that brands and media owners within the esports vertical can leverage.

“Guild Studios enables us to monetize our vast in-house expertise in esports by supporting brand owners and sponsors with innovative campaigns, branded content and advertising to a range of companies looking to grow their engagement.“

Jasmine Skee, CEO of Guild Esports

Guild Esports’ CEO, Jasmine Skee, explained that delivering value for the company’s investors through new revenue streams is a top priority for Guild Esports this year. According to her, the new creative services arm is expected to help the company tap into new monetization options within the esports vertical. Skee pointed out that Guild Esports’ Guild Studios enables it to team up and help the growth of with different companies by delivering engaging campaigns.

Guild Studios Completes a Soft Launch Campaign

The services and products of Guild Studios are separate from Guild Esports’ IP or other assets, reaffirming the potential of the division. The announcement about the launch comes on the heels of a soft launch completed by Guild Studios in January. Back then, Guild Studios teamed up with Samsung for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S23.

The duo collaborated for an event at Westfield White City that took place on February 16 and 17, 2023. Guild Studios helped by developing a special event that was led by influencers. Then, on February 25, 2023, a demonstration was organized that highlighted the gaming capabilities of Samsung Galaxy S23.

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“We were delighted to work with Samsung for the launch of the new Galaxy S23,“

added Skee

Sharing her excitement about the collaboration with Samsung, Guild Esports’ CEO added that the company was delighted to team up with Samsung for the launch of the new smartphone. She pointed out that previously, the company has joined forces with Samsung on two previous occasions, which reaffirms the potential of Guild Esports’ content when engaging with Gen-Alpha and Gen-Z audiences.